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K21 PUBG Mobiele Gamepad Joystick Metalen L1 R1 Trigger Game Shooter Controller for iPhone Android


Item type:gamepad

Gun god mobile game controller

A game controller in the shape of a gun

Ten advantages to help you play the game world, become a real gun god!

With spring stretching device, it can stretch around, and it can be used for mobile phone under 6.5 inches.

Fully hollow side design, charging and plugging headphones will not delay the game.

Simple design, not blocking your view, not blocking the map.

Easily open the scope to shoot the enemy, do not thumb at the mobile phone screen, mobile phone into a second game.

Suitable for all types of shooting games.

All mobile phones are universal, suitable for 4.7-6.5-inch mobile phones.

Applicable products: smart phone

Material: ABS+PC

Applicable products: smart phone

Product size: 127*75*115mm

Product weight: 157g [including packaging]

Game machine accessories type: eat chicken handle, shoot handle, open handle

Package Include:

1x gamepad


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Product type: Game Accessories for Smartphones

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